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Apart over Christmas?

While the nation watches and learns what Christmas will be like this year with Covid restrictions, our Armed Forces families will probably already know if they are to be together or facing a Christmas alone due to deployment. If you are to be separated for the Festivities this year, we wanted to share with you some of our resources that may help.

There is nothing like hearing Mummy or Daddy’s voice when they are away and having this comfort at bedtime can be amazing. If you haven’t already downloaded our Little Troopers Treasures app, do it now. The app which works on any tablet device or IPad, allows the parent who is away to record a bedtime story. The children back at home can watch the story with the pages turning magically along with Mummy or Daddy’s voice. There is even a Christmas story with Blue Kangaroo!

Alongside the app we have developed a separation diary for the parent and child to complete. These can be printed off to complete during time away from each other and shared when you are reunited.

On a more practical level we have a brilliant Weekly Planner sheet to help you keep track of everything in the lead up to Christmas and into the New Year. There is also a Time Difference sheet to help your children see what Mummy or Daddy may be doing throughout the day.

Finally, long periods of separation can be tough, so it can be good to draw inspiration or ideas from others on ways to cope. There are 13 Family Time podcasts on the website. These 10-minute interviews were conducted by Louise as part of a BFBS radio show. The interviews cover everything from the perfect posting, coping with a serious medical diagnosis, embarking on military life to packing up the family and moving again!

Louise, Founder of Little Troopers said; “Any deployment is difficult but when the whole country is focusing on the importance of family time at Christmas our forced times apart (deployments) can be even harder. Hopefully we have shared some resources that can help your family through their time of separation. Remember stay strong and keep counting down the days – everyday crossed off is a day nearer to being reunited!.”

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