The challenges are always the same

It has been 3 weeks our soldier has been away and it seems so hard…I’m definitely out of practise! I am remembering very clearly that it doesn’t matter where they are the feelings and emotions are exactly the same, ok so this time I am not worried for his safety so much but I still ache at the big void that is left.

Communication is very sporadic, in 3 weeks he has called home twice which many keep giving me shocked looks when I tell them, one lady even said “its not world war one its 2015” but it is a myth that because of the technological world we are in we can all face time or Skype our soldiers every night, often it is just not that easy.

The boiler’s broken, I cracked a tooth, the TV cabinet fell forward and is now propped up with a door stop, my Little Trooper has been doing amazingly at her sport, my car service light keeps flashing…..and I can’t share these things with him. I know so many of you will relate to this.

Its such a strange existence. When he has called its been very brief and the boiler fades into insignificance.

Our Little Trooper is 12 now and as much as I had hoped the older she got the easier she would find it, to a certain extent that is true she can process it better and understands where he is and what he is doing but I still see the pain in her face when good things happen and she wants to share them….and can’t.

We are using the write things down and pop in a jar method so we can share everything with him when he does return home, he will then feel like he’s not missed out and our little girl will feel like he was part of these few months of her life still.

A great weekend in the national press (Daily Mail article) for the Me & My Soldier calendar we released the wining images and I am so honoured we have such special images in our 2016 calendar! You can pre order your copy here

Have a positive week. Louise xxx


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