I feel like a fraud!

I’ve said it before and I will forever be heard saying it…military life is a tale of extremes! Where we were posted previously for three years was a really operational regiment which meant my husband was forever away, for long deployments then short, frequent bursts, it just seemed a never ending cycle of separation. My […]

I finally feel strong enough to write this post

Happy 2019! I was so glad to see the back of 2018 to be honest because it was the ultimate roller coaster for us as a family, I was very ready for a clean slate, to start again fresh. Lots of time has now passed since I last blogged, my husband returned from deployment nearly […]

New to the Royal Navy, newly married and first married quarter (GUEST POST)

For the last 11 months I have been living married but unaccompanied as Royal Navy wife in our pre navy flat, this has been difficult, hard and often spent Sundays crying. I married Joe on 26th May 2017 we have been together for six years now. The first five of those years were on ‘Civvie […]

The truth behind Little Troopers the charity

Sometimes when you are angry or sad it is the best time to put pen to paper for a variety of reasons, it can be very therapeutic and it can also mean your message comes through as strong as ever. Today I am angry and I am sad because yet again Little Troopers received another […]

Not in the clique (GUEST POST)

I have been with my husband for 11 years, when he went on his first tour which was to Iraq we weren’t married so the whole ‘Army life’ never really occurred to me and I plodded through the tour without any welfare or people in a similar situation to support me. The next few deployments […]

Life without you is now my normal

I can’t actually believe my husband has now been away pretty much five months, that is a really bloody long time and so much has happened in that time. Good, bad, and everything between….I have had no choice but to swim, keep my head above water and get through this deployment as best I can. […]

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