Little Trooper of the Month

Neave Walsh

March 2020

Neave Walsh whose Mummy Claire serves in the Royal Navy on HMS Collingwood, has received the ‘Little Trooper of the Month’ award after helping to care for her nanny who was battling with cancer.

Neave’s nanny was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and her Mummy Hayley, had to leave work to become her nanny’s full time carer.

This meant that Neave also played a big part in caring for her Nanny during the final 18 months of her life, including looking after her while her Mummy Claire was deployed on a six-month tour. Neave helped with everything from sorting medication and monitoring blood sugars to sometimes spending 8/9 hour days at the hospital with nanny. Neave never once complained or wanted to be anywhere but by her side. The nurses always commented on how amazing the bond was between the two of them, and that she was a natural in the role.

Neave’s mummies Hayley and Claire nominated Neave for the award and said:

“The level of maturity and empathy Neave has shown throughout the entire situation is way beyond her years.  Neave’s nanny had a favourite Harry Potter quote that says – 

‘Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light’ Neave is our light.”

Louise Fetigan, Founder of Little Troopers adds “Every little trooper out there is so special to us which is why we think it is so important to recognise how amazing they are. When we saw Neave’s nomination we knew we needed to award her this months prize for her incredible caring and kindness and helping her mummies at such a difficult time.”


Neave Walsh

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We want to recognise Little Troopers; children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces who have been exceptionally brave, inspirational or just extra special against all odds. 

Our monthly winner will receive a special prize, certificate and lasting recognition of a customised, unique medal. Nominations welcomed from Unit Welfare Offices, Community Development Workers, Schools/Nurseries and of course YOU!

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Eligible children: ANY child with a parent or step parent currently serving with the British Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force; wherever they live, Reserve or regular, parents married or unmarried. Children can only win once. Children of any age can be nominated. Please ensure all the information you submit is true and correct stating if the child is a step child/has a different father or mother to serving person.