Little Trooper of the Month

Ethan Hume

August 2014

Ethan Hume

Ethan is disabled with autism and ADHD and since he was two has been unable to speak properly, read or write. Since his daddy left for Afghanistan in February 2013 he has tried to walk and is now managing unaided without needing his mobility buggy, he practised on Skype with his daddy how to write numbers 1-10 and is now making sentences and is trying to read more.  With his autism Ethan forgets what he has done the day before and sometimes repeats himself but it has been a blessing in disguise because he has now become more confident and more independent each day. He writes his daddy an ebluey everyday and helps his brother colour one and we send them everyday as part of our routine.

Louise Fetigan from My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures says “Ethan has shown such determination and has proved what can be achieved, he has made such progress while his daddy has been away, the trustees knew we had to recognise how clever he’s been. We hope on his dad’s return they can share all he has learnt”

Francessca, Ethan’s mum says “Ethan is such a sweet and sensitive boy he has even comforted children in his school who also have mammies and daddies away. I nominated my son because he is an exceptional young boy and he may be disabled but he shines in so many different ways”

The family currently live in Windsor where Ethan father serves with 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards


Ethan Hume

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We want to recognise Little Troopers; children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces who have been exceptionally brave, inspirational or just extra special against all odds. 

Our monthly winner will receive a special prize, certificate and lasting recognition of a customised, unique medal. Nominations welcomed from Unit Welfare Offices, Community Development Workers, Schools/Nurseries and of course YOU!

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Eligible children: ANY child with a parent or step parent currently serving with the British Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force; wherever they live, Reserve or regular, parents married or unmarried. Children can only win once. Children of any age can be nominated. Please ensure all the information you submit is true and correct stating if the child is a step child/has a different father or mother to serving person.