Little Trooper of the Month

Gregor Allan

April 2021

Gregor is 9-years-old and was nominated by his school, New Inn Primary School, for setting up a club at school to support other Little Troopers just like him.

Gregor’s teaching assistant told us: “Gregor found out in the Autumn that his dad was going on a tour of duty to the Middle East this Spring. He remembered how much he missed dad on his last tour, so Gregor asked me to help him prepare his little sister, Isla, for dad’s tour of duty. He produced a list of fantastic ideas of activities he thought Isla would enjoy such as designing cards and messages for dad to take on his tour and countdown jars”

“Our school has over six hundred pupils with only 8 pupils coming from a military family. After seeing how much his sister enjoyed the activities Gregor asked me to set up a club for our military children. We approached our military pupils to invite them to join us for a meeting. We met up outdoors and Gregor spoke to the other pupils about forming a group, they were all very eager to join. Our first meeting was heart-warming, they talked with such pride about being part of a military family. All agreed that it was great to be able to chat to someone who understood that a parent might be away for important dates, such as birthdays, Christmas or even parents’ evenings. They spoke about their pride but also the worry they feel when a parent is away on a tour of duty. We designed medals and decided that it would be great to have regular meetings. Gregor, once again, came armed with some suggestions for meetings which his peers loved”

“I would love to see Gregor recognised for his proactive and thoughtful attitude, he is one of the most considerate, hardworking and caring pupils I have had the pleasure of working with”

Louise, founder of Little Troopers said of Gregor’s award “Gregor is a shining example of a military child using their experiences to help other Little Troopers going through the same thing. To want to help others in a similar situation is something really special. Well done, Gregor you should be really proud of helping create your school club for military children and we are very pleased to award you Little Trooper of the Month.”

Gregor will receive a special medal, certificate and prize as part of his award.

This month our Little Trooper of the Month award has kindly been sponsored by Amazon.


Gregor Allan

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We want to recognise Little Troopers; children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces who have been exceptionally brave, inspirational or just extra special against all odds. 

This is an opportunity to really celebrate and shine a spotlight on the lives of incredible military children, hear the special stories and give them the recognition they really deserve.

Our monthly winner will receive a special prize, certificate and lasting recognition of a customised, unique medal. We will also shout about how amazing our winners our on our website, social media and other related publications.

Nominations welcomed from Unit Welfare Offices, Community Development Workers, Schools/Nurseries and of course YOU!

If you are not the parent or guardian of the child you are nominating you must ask permission and advise them you are nominating. We will need to contact them directly to progress a nomination if successful.

Unsuccessful nominations will not be contacted.

Please upload a recent photograph we can use for certificate and hall of fame if they win:

Eligible children: ANY child with a parent or step parent currently serving with the British Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force; wherever they live, reserve or regular, parents married or unmarried. Children can only win once. Please only nominate one child per nomination. Children of any age can be nominated. Please ensure all the information you submit is true and correct stating if the child is a step child/has a different father or mother to serving person.

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