FAQs about Little Troopers Treasures

Do you have to be a British Armed Forces Family to use the app?

Serving regular or reserve British Armed Forces are eligible to register to use the app.

How long will my access last?

Once you register all users will be given access until June 2018, all users at this point will need to re-register. If you leave the forces in the next 12months please let us know so we can disable your account

I don’t have an iPad can I still access the app?

During June and July 2017 the app is iPad only access, from August 2017 the app will be available also on Android tablet devices. We hope in the future a version of the app will be available for iPhone.

How many stories can I record?

You can record up to five stories, the maximum length for each story is 10 minutes. You can at any point go into your recordings and delete stories to allow you to record new ones.

Will more books be added?

Yes, Harper Collins Children’s Books who have donated the titles will be releasing a further three titles in November 2017 and then a final three more in January 2018.

How many memories can I record?

You can record up to five messages that are a maximum of 2 minutes each in length.

Do all members of my family need to register?

No, you have ONE login as a family using the same username and password but within the app are two modes, parent mode and little trooper mode, swap modes using the button in the top right of the app screen.

I’m registered on the Little Troopers website do I need to re-register for Little Troopers Treasures?

Yes, you will need to register additionally for the app

Do I need WIFI?

Yes, the app relies on WIFI both record stories and messages and watch stories and messages. If your connection is slow it may take longer to load.

Is the app free to use?

The app is free to download and use for British Armed Forces families however we are a very small charity and there is a monthly cost to hosing everyone’s stories and memories. If you love using the app and would like to make a donation to Little Troopers you can do so in various ways which are listed on our website www.littletroopers.net