Little Troopers Treasures Bookshelf

Daddy Lions Tea Party

By Mark Sperring

Feeding time at the zoo has never been so much fun!

Daddy Lion is having a polite and genteel tea party for his cubs. They want to invite all their friends but Daddy says no; he doesn’t want the pot-bellied pigs hogging the cream buns or Skunk pooh, pong, stinking the place out! But things do not go quite as planned…A laugh-out-loud story full of noise and chaos!


Happy Birthday, Blue Kangaroo!

By Emma Chichester Clark

Lily and Blue Kangaroo – a friendship forever! It’s a double birthday celebration in this heartwarming story featuring Lily and her much-loved toy, Blue Kangaroo.

Lily has decided – this year she will have a pink birthday. Pink invitations, pink cake and pink presents. But Blue Kangaroo is not pink! Has Lily forgotten her best friend?


Max and the Won’t Go to Bed Show

By By Mark Sperring

A fabulously funny extravaganza. Perfect for bedtime!

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Roll up, roll up, for Max the Magnificent and his world famous show: putting off bedtime for as long as possible!

Cheer as he makes a cookie disappear (very slo-o-o-wly)! Gasp as he asks for ten bedtime stories (yes, ten)! Will the show go on all night, or will Max finally go to sleep?


Merry Christmas, Blue Kangaroo!

By Emma Chichester Clark

Lily and Blue Kangaroo – a friendship forever!

It’s Christmas Eve, and Lily is excitedly wondering if Father Christmas will come. She has made cards for everyone, helped to decorate the house and put presents under the tree.

“This one is just for you, Blue Kangaroo!” she says.

“Just for me!” thinks Blue Kangaroo.

But Blue Kangaroo doesn’t have a present for Lily, and he lies awake worrying. Is there anyone who might be able to help?


Mog and Me and Other Stories

By Judith Kerr

Come play with everyone’s favourite family pet, in this bumper collection of stories especially for younger readers.

Mog the Forgetful Cat is everyone’s favourite family pet. This bumper board book is a collection of four Mog stories especially for her youngest fans!

Contains: Mog and Me, Mog in the Garden, Mog’s Kittens, Mog’s Family of Cats