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Terminology a glossary of military words:

Some terms you may hear

Civvie – Short for civilians, non military ‘civis’

Deployment – When a service person is sent away for a period of time

Drill – Training that involves practising marching or holding weapons

Exercise – When soldiers go away for a week or more for training

Mess – An area where military personnel socialise, eat and sometimes live

Pad brat – The term sometimes given to a child of serving parents

Patch – The housing estate designated to military families

PT – Physical Training (same as PE Physical Education)

Posting – Being moved to a new location

Quarter, or SFA – Service Family Accommodation, housing provided by

Tour – to go away on an operational deployment

Unaccompanied – when a family stay in their home while the serving parent is posted away often only returning at the weekend

Unit Welfare – a nominated officer who looks after the welfare of the military families, often also called community support

MOD90 – Military ID

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