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Other questions you can ask the school (but didn’t think you should!)

How is the SPP (Service Pupil Premium) spent?

The head should be able to explain this very easily so don’t be afraid to ask. It should also be on the website, try looking under policies, data or documents for parents. If it isn’t there – ask where you can find it. It is a statutory requirement to have this so your question could be a useful prompt!

How are service families reflected in the environment?

Ask to look around the school and while you are there, take in the displays – do they reflect our wider society? Probably. But do they reflect the smaller school community. Where there are photos of adults around, are they in uniform? Would your child ‘see themselves’ reflected in the environment? These aren’t deal breakers when choosing a school, but by you mentioning it and flagging it up to the Head, maybe, just maybe the school will make those small changes. Changes that will make a big difference to the self-esteem of your child.

Is there a breakfast and after school club?

If you work it is worth finding out about these ahead of time. Find out if you need to pre-book and if you have to book for a whole session or can you pay by the hour.

What is the best way to communicate with the school?

Some schools have home school journals, some will give out an email, some prefer all communication to come via the office. One area that is so important for us to keep the school informed about is that of deployment. Always let school know when a parent is to be going away so that they can put in any support measures.


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