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Maximising the charity’s resources

As a small charity we are always looking for the most economical way to use our funds ensuring that we have the money we need to continue supporting all our little troopers. Recently we have designed some ‘print at home’ Fundraising labels so that you can decorate your own collection boxes.

We love the fact that so many of our supporters want to fundraise for us but in the past, we have struggled with the costs involved with producing and posting collection boxes.  Louise, Founder of the charity said: “We have looked at all different options for charity collection boxes; plastic pots that people can post back to us, cardboard boxes that can be made up from a flat packed template and buckets. Given the increase in postage costs and the growing awareness of the damage to our oceans caused by plastic we wanted to design something you can print off at home, personalise and add to your own collection bucket/ pot.”

These labels feature the unique artwork of our charity. We have a black and white version that your children can colour in or if you have limited time there is also a colour version that you can download.

You can find our new collection bucket labels here.

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LT A4 Bucket Printouts

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