Two hour workshop for Primary Schools

In June 2021 we delivered our virtual schools roadshow to over 3,400 military children and now you too can deliver the workshop in your school.

Over 3,400 children, who have a parent serving in the British Armed Forces, joined one of 20 primary school workshops. 

The workshop, which was funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund, celebrates what it means to be a ‘Little Trooper’ and showcases some of our Little Troopers at School resources. Over two hours there is storytelling, imaginative play, movement and drama. Your military pupils will also be shown tools that could help them navigate some of the challenges they might face either now or in the future. 

  • Download the pdf under the workshop you wish to run, included will be: facilitator notes, story book + activity sheets and appropriate roleplay pack for the workshop you wish to deliver.
  • At a time and date suitable in your school schedule find two hours and get your military children together in the hall or a class room space.
  • Play the workshop link and have fun!

Role Play
/ Drama



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