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I’m a school in Scotland or Wales

The relevant departments in Scotland and Wales have chosen not to implement the Service Pupil Premium fund.

The fact the funding cannot be drawn down does not mean service children in your schools do not face the same challenges as service children in schools in England, it does mean you don’t have a specific pot of money to support those challenges.

The information sheets about the challenges military children face and how these can be supported will still be very relevant but potentially more imagination is needed to enable this support on a small budget. Little Troopers will support you where we can.


The Royal Caledonian Trust is a charity support Military Children in Scotland and has an Education Programme


if you haven’t already do connect with Moira.

Moira Leslie
RCET Education Programme Officer
[email protected] or
telephone 01381 620412


SSCE CYMRU – Supporting Service Children in Education in Wales is a Welsh Local Government Association project.

The aim of the project which started in 2014 is to provide the best possible educational support to children, by ensuring education professionals understand the issues Service children in Wales may face.

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