Mason Randall-Cox – February 2017

Mason who is 7 seven recently showed how brave Little Troopers have to be, especially when their Daddy is away.

Mason’s mum Sharlene told us why she nominated Mason. “Last week Mason was my Hero.   I awoke at 3am to find my daughter (Harriet 3years) having breathing difficulties.  The more she became distressed the more difficult it was for her to breath eventually leaving her gasping for air.  Mason started to tell Harriet jokes and sing her favourite Disney songs to her. This in turn helped calm her down and eased her breathing long enough for me to drive to A&E and get medical help. He sang to her and made her smile the whole journey even though it was so early in the morning.

If he hadn’t been so helpful I would have had to call an ambulance which would have been a delay in medical help and would have increased the stress of the situation. Mason & Harriet continued throughout the whole day (with no sleep) and they were especially kind to each other and their mummy.

Masons daddy is has been away for quite sometime and he has really become very helpful and I couldn’t have coped so well without him.  He is my real life Superhero. Harriet was also very brave and did exactly what the doctor told her”

Masons daddy is due home in March after being away since November 2016, he serves with the RAF at Brize Norton.

Louise Fetigan founder of Little Troopers says “Mason had to be the winner of Little Trooper of the Month for February, he showed that when a parent goes away sometimes Little Troopers have to be so grown up in certain situations, he was so brave for his Mummy and Sister and we wanted to recognise that”

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