Shyloe Wilson – January 2017

Shyloe is a truly inspirational Little Trooper.

Aged six years old Shyloe was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when her mummy noticed changes in her health and behaviour (thirsty, going to the toilet lots and not her normal self). Shyloe has a minimum of 5 injections a day and a minimum of 10 finger pricks to test her blood sugar levels, anything Shyloe eats she needs injections for.  She has to take lots of time out of normal activities to ensure her blood levels are under control.

Over the last three years life has been pretty crazy for the Wilson family while they have learnt how to manage Shyloe’s condition so she is not only safe but as healthy as she can be but they have also helped her efforts to change things for others in difficult situations. Shyloe cut off 17 inches of her amazing red hair to give to the little princess trust to make wigs for cancer sufferers and raised over £700 for JDRF a diabetes charity.

Shyloe is now 9 years old and her Daddy PO Wilson serves with the Royal Navy, currently deployed on HMS Daring until May 2017.

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