Connor Martin – October 2016

Connor is eight years old and both is mum and dad serve in the Royal Navy. Although he is used to moving schools and making new friends due to being a service child Connor recently started boarding school which he finds really different. Shortly after starting boarding school this September Connors dad was deployed and won’t be home for Christmas this year.

Although a bit sad Connor has tried to keep busy and has settled into his new school.

Connor’s mum Lynne said “We want to nominate Connor for being so brave as he recently started boarding school and his dad deployed all at once. He has tackled it head on, settled in quickly both in class and in his dormitory and has already lead his football team to victory as Captain.  We want to acknowledge his strength of character having moved school 4 times in 3 years”

Louise Fetigan founder of Little Troopers said “Connors story really struck a cord and we felt he must be Little Trooper of the Month. Many Little Troopers are having to move frequently and move schools or start boarding school which can be really tough especially if in Connors case a parent deploys at the same time. Service children in education is something we are focusing on and our Little Troopers at School project launches soon. Well Done Connor for showing such strength as a Little Trooper”


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