Kieron King – December 2014


Kieron King, aged 5 years.

Kieron’s Daddy has been serving away in Canada on the Batus Winter Repair Deployment. Over the last few weeks Kieron has been a little trooper following the sudden death of his god daddy Darren, who sadly took his own life following a 10 yr battle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after a difficult tour of Iraq in 2004.

Kieron was so brave dealing with this very difficult situation, it has been a hard few weeks. He not only lost his god daddy but also had to deal with his daddy, who was kindly granted compassionate leave to come back and attend the funeral, but this meant only a little time with him before he had to fly back to Canada and go through saying good bye again.

Kieron has been a brave and supportive little trooper even if he has had a few days of being a pickle as he was sad to see his daddy leave. Life throws up some difficult challenges for us all to deal with but it is especially hard when you are five and your daddy is away – we are really proud of him.

Lorraine King Kierons Mum says ‘Thanks to My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures for all the support you give us and our families, it is a huge help during difficult times’

Louise Fetigan says “Life sometimes is very cruel but Kieron has dealt with losing someone close to him and having his daddy far away from home, we want to make sure we are continually here to support families through their time in the British Army especially when exceptional life circumstances happen. Well done Kieron for being so brave”

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