Jace John – October 2014


JJ (Jace John Midgley)

Six weeks after JJ’s father deployed Lara, JJ’s mum, gave birth to their second child and jjs little brother! This was the same week JJ broke up for the summer holidays and due to Lara having a Caesarean section she could not do much. JJ helped with everything! Washing,hoovering,mopping,putting clothes away,passing things Lara couldn’t bend down for…the list goes on and on! He never complained and on top he’s been an exceptional big brother hardly ever wanting to leave his side! Jace has been Lara’s right arm.

Lara said on hearing of JJ’s award: “I could not be prouder of our son Jace whilst his father has been deployed and everything he has done for me! Of course we had our down days where we missed daddy but we learned to have our cry and then get straight back on track so much so that now when I’m having a down moment he will tell me to calm down daddy is coming home soon”

Louise Fetigan, founder of My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures says “Having a soldier away is tough for anyone but even more so when a new baby arrives, JJ has been so brave and such a support to his mum while all the time coping with having his daddy away. We wanted JJ to know his hard work was recognised”

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