Chloe Mundee – February 2015


Chloe Mundee  aged 14

Chloe is 14 years old and currently starting her GCSE coursework like other teenagers but to us she is truly amazing. Her mum Jo says “I am disabled and Chloe is one of my carers so she has to help me get dressed, cook, help around the home and help me if we try and go out which can be difficult, her Dad is serving away overseas in Jordan and I have to go into hospital next week and again in April meaning Chloe will be without both parents and that is hard for her but she doesn’t moan, she is a happy teenager who loves music and is learning to play the guitar”

Louise Fetigan, founder of My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures says “Chloes story really stuck out for us, teenagers face challenges of their own being service children but to be a young carer as well Chloe is amazing and so so string, an inspiration, she really deserves this award”

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