Interview with Donna David, Author of our Dear Mummy/ Daddy book series

In May this year Little Troopers launched three new storybooks written just for little troopers. The beautifully written and illustrated storybooks follow military children through the life they lead and the situations they often find themselves in being part of a military family.

There are three book titles in the Dear… series covering the British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. We caught up author Donna David to find out all about her writing journey.

  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in Hampshire with my military husband and three children. We’ve lived all over the UK and have had a posting in Cyprus as well. I work as an English Coach at the local secondary school two days a week and the rest of my working week is spent writing for children.

My husband is in the RAF and we’ve been married for 12 years.  Before that, my mum was in the RAF and so was my Grandad. My mum left before I was born so I’ve never been a military child.

  • How did the idea of the Little Troopers book series come about?

The idea for the series came about when my husband was away and I wanted to share stories with my own young children. There were books about absent parents, but none of them were military specific.  An editor from a large publisher loved the books, but the deal was never quite finalised so I decided to offer the stories to military charities instead. Louise, from Little Troopers, was so passionate about the books from the very beginning.

  • What research did you have to do for the stories?

I spoke to Royal Air Force, Army and Royal Navy families for the books and I’ve been speaking to military children for over a decade! I also researched the places where the British Military are currently active and I asked serving personnel about their experiences out there.

  • Will there be more books?

Louise and I hope to release three more books some time next year. The next books will be in a diary format.  This will bring the book total to 6, so a Mummy book and a Daddy book for each of the services.  As an ex-soldier herself, this was something Louise insisted on from the very beginning of the project.

  • Finally do you have any tips for any Little Troopers who are budding authors?

My top tip for budding authors is to embrace your imagination!  Let it take you anywhere!  Be as creative as you can be, but remember that your first attempt doesn’t have to be perfect – sometimes I’ll write a story twenty times or more before I’m happy with it.  

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